MD Hiscox, Guernsey

“At Hiscox we passionately believe in the power of art to promote freedom and change society for the better. Art has no barriers – age, background, race, religion and sexuality are all irrelevant. Art brings communities together, gets people talking – everyone can have an opinion on a work of art and the great joy is that every opinion has merit. In a world where there is so much to be miserable about, art remains the shining beacon for the optimistic, for those of us who wish to wake up each day and discover new things and see the world through a more positive lens.

Guernsey must learn to offer diverse reasons for people to visit the island and bring much-needed revenue to the community. Becoming an Iconic Art Venue achieves this, but uniquely it does so while providing an instant benefit to the local community who will get to enjoy the exhibitions. A casino is a money-making scheme designed to remove cash from the foolish, it would damage the community and it is a fact of life that where casinos dwell, organised crime tries to follow.

Art is the tree of life, Guernsey is the perfect garden for it to grow in.”


Design Director, Jamie Falla Architecture

“I fully endorse the idea for an Iconic Art Venue”


Entrepreneur, Investor and Windsurfer

“I am very impressed with what David and the team have achieved with Art for Guernsey in a short space of time. I wholly support their ambition for an Iconic Art Venue and offer anything I can do to help. It would be my pleasure to assist with the continuation of the incredibly positive work already undertaken in using art as a cultural and economic enabler in such a constructive way within education, health and community wellbeing initiatives.”


MD, BullionRock

“I am proud that BullionRock was your first confirmed sponsor of the Art for Guernsey initiative. Our business will continue to support your, very worthwhile, cause for as long as it is able.

Your passion, drive and determination to bring a variety of internationally recognised artists to our island home has been an inspiration to me and many others. Your vision and focus, laser-like from day one, has been both comforting and impressive in equal measure.
And now, if you will excuse the precious metals pun, you have struck gold with the concept of an Iconic Art Venue on the island. You have recognised an opportunity for Guernsey that should be fully supported.

Whilst I doubt you will need it David, I wish you the best of luck.”


Creator of the International Gold Award-Winning Fort Grey Cheese

“I would love to see this handsome building turned into an Iconic Art Venue. I really believe it would enhance both our beautiful town and our island. It would be a wonderful opportunity to show the world our local artists of any medium, and host those from elsewhere. When I go away I always go to an art gallery; I can’t be the only one who seeks them out!

I’ve known Jock for several years and he never fails to impress with his attitude and competency. I sincerely hope that you will consider this vision as one that is really needed by our island.”


Co-Founder, Dandelion Foundation

“I have to say that it has been a privilege to be behind the scenes in watching David’s mission to put Guernsey on the world arts scene. David is single-handedly raising the bar for the type of Open Market resident whom we should be attracting to Guernsey.

A resident who doesn’t only come here for the financial and quality of life benefits, but one who enjoys the significant opportunity to invest their own time and resources in improving the community itself. If Guernsey is going to be a centre for major philanthropy then we need to demonstrate that people like David can get things done here.

If ever there were a project that was ‘bold and unashamedly ambitious’ enough to match the ambitions of the Future Guernsey government policy agenda then the Iconic Art Venue would be it. It is the type of bold, creative and joined-up thinking that one of the happiest and healthiest places in the world needs to implement in order to achieve its long-term mission.

I can’t support David and his work with Art for Guernsey enough. He has both my personal support and the support of the Dandelion Foundation in all he is trying to achieve.”


Owner, Haut Maison and Aperitif

“Art should never be overlooked nor underfunded in a community and as a key cornerstone for wellbeing, education and tourism I fully support this move. Jock and the team see through everything to completion with vigour and perfect detail and I can’t think of a better team of people to lead this forward.”


Design Director, CCD Architects

“Guernsey needs this project at the heart of its seafront. It also needs the likes of David Ummels. David is in a unique position as a proven financial and business expert who is dedicating his life and efforts to the support of the arts, locally, at a relatively young age and with a drive and ability that is incredibly rare.

His goals are, as far as I can see, and I know him well, completely open and philanthropic. He wants to support Guernsey and the arts, in a way never previously attempted or achieved before in Guernsey. He is credible and has built up a large base of support for himself as an individual and his ideas, based on hard evidence. If Guernsey doesn’t tap into these kind of people it will suffer, there is no question.

Endless States’ and private sector reports, manifestos and statements (most recently the PWC report on tourism), as well as a great many individuals, already support the understanding that Guernsey needs, urgently, to diversify its brand and how we are viewed from afar. To date we are simply viewed as a tax haven, technically right or wrong, this is the brand. It harms our country profile, it stifles our tourism and it is not in any way a true reflection of the island we all know and love and what it has to offer. But to change it some key cultural/civic/attraction ingredients are missing, these are needed to make the island a better place to visit and to wish to live in, this is one of the big ones. If we don’t bite now it is foolish, for these reasons I support David and this project wholeheartedly.”


St Peter Port Senior Constable

“I wish to place on record that you have my full personal support for the establishment of the Guernsey Iconic Art Venue in the building known at present as the Guernsey Information Centre, North Plantation, St Peter Port.

This would in my opinion make the best future use of this impressive historic building and would be of great value to Guernsey in so many ways. Indeed, it would reinforce knowledge of the island to the worldwide community and a large and different section of its population.

I have no doubt in my mind that it would increase the number of visitors to our beautiful island and at the same time give locals a rare opportunity to view wonderful works of art which many might never see if this were not to happen.”


Executive Director, Guernsey Chamber

“Chamber identified at the earliest stage that this important project will provide a boost for the economy as a whole and will also be a crucially important element in providing support for the island’s creative youngsters whose ability will be pivotal for future work skills in a world of AI.
Having studied the detail of the Iconic Art Venue project on several occasions as the modelling has been populated and the firm structure devised, we are of the view that this is a much-needed initiative.

Chamber is working hard to identify ways in which Guernsey can differentiate itself (in a positive light) and this project perfectly fits that requirement.

We will continue to do all that we can to support David Ummels in making this blueprint for success a tangible reality as soon as possible.”


Former President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

“Commerce is about more than connecting two points with the most direct line, or identifying the most profitable business tenant for a property. First-class commercial thinking recognises we are in a global marketplace. Guernsey must be that bold and creative competitor working from first principles to develop a strong brand on the global stage. To achieve this, we must support entrepreneurial talent that aims for targets others cannot see, and talent that shares a vision for Guernsey as a force for social good in the world.

David has a very strong track record as a financier, and his business acumen for commercial entrepreneurship is without question. David is unique in that he has used first principles to bring together the two strands of commercial and social entrepreneurship, here using art as the connective fabric. Going back to 2016, Chamber Council was very impressed with the strength and integrity of David’s thinking, and we shared his view of the positive impact that an Iconic Art Venue could bring to the local economy.

As a result we had little hesitation in inviting David onto Chamber Council to support his work.

Going forwards, the States of Guernsey will need to weigh up factors in choosing which project to support for the Tourist Information Centre. This is the first transformation activity of the seafront development, so it is critical that this project is a stand-out flag bearer for future generations. Factors such as global uniqueness, cultural richness and the values of entrepreneurship are going to be key criteria for this high-profile project. In addition, there is also going to be a natural order for developing the seafront, what must lead is a strong outward-facing cultural centre, then what must follow is supporting activity. Ancillary activity, such as a hotel and a casino, will be far more successful when viewed as supporting the halo of a leading Iconic Art Venue.

For these reasons I fully support David’s Iconic Art Venue as a primary activity and I hope that you will share my reasoning.”


Deputy Chief Operating Officer, C5 Alliance

“David Ummels has been a catalyst for tangible progress and drive in Guernsey’s cultural, artistic and wider community. He combines passion and enthusiasm, with real world business expertise and experience, and a team who can deliver.

The results through Art for Guernsey are thoughtful and intelligent events and initiatives that are well run and a welcome addition to the island. David has talked about his plans for the Iconic Art Venue from the first time I met him. I not only believe in the idea but am certain his team can make it happen.”


Managing Director, Madco

“I have never seen a proposal locally that quantifiably delivers on economic, social economic and educational benchmarks quite like the Iconic Art Venue. The proposal meets 80% of the criteria of the Future Guernsey document and significantly meets the vision of the Chamber of Commerce Seafront Consultation Response.

David and the team have delivered consistently impactful exhibitions and initiatives such as Art for Guernsey, Art in School and Arts for Impact with significant success and value both locally and internationally through an impressive cultural diplomacy programme.

As an island nation we need to recognise the wider opportunities that are being presented here, trust and embrace the Iconic Art Venue and allow it to enhance our island and our lives for the better.”


Partner, Carey Olsen (Guernsey)

“Sometimes things just go your way, and an opportunity presents itself that you just have to grab. This is how we felt when we first met David Ummels and he approached us to sponsor his Art for Guernsey programme, something we have been delighted to do since its inception. His enthusiasm, expertise and eloquence are what has made Art for Guernsey such a success, and we are proud to be associated with David and his wider work in the community.

Perhaps there is some disbelief that Guernsey could ever aspire to create a world-class art venue, to really put itself on the map. It is true that in Guernsey we tend to hide our light under a bushel, to downplay our strengths and achievements. Sometimes it requires an ‘outsider’ to open our eyes to what we are capable of and in David we believe we have one of the very few people with the skills, contacts, diplomacy and experience that could make such an ambitious vision a reality. That is why we are supporting the Iconic Art Venue.”


Partner, Advocate & Notary Public, Mourant Ozannes, Chairman of the Guernsey Cheshire Home

“Many cultural initiatives focus on the culture; few organisations manage to achieve great artistic outcomes but keep an eye on the harsh financial realities that are critical to sustaining artistic endeavour and opportunities. Having worked with Arts for Guernsey for some years, most particularly in my capacity as Chairman of the Guernsey Cheshire Home, they have shown an ability to do just that.

The success of an iconic artistic destination in Guernsey will greatly depend upon the rigour of execution. David Ummels through Arts for Guernsey and other organisations has translated such skills from a private equity background to the public sector. Such a project has the best possible chance of success in his hands.”


Partner, Carey Olsen (Guernsey)

“As well as wholeheartedly endorsing the support that my firm, Carey Olsen, is happy to offer David in connection with his proposal for establishing an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey, I am equally happy to speak as to why I believe that David’s involvement with leading such a project makes it all the more compelling.

My impression of David comes from having attended several of the Art for Guernsey exhibitions that he has staged in recent years and having heard him speak at those exhibitions, as well as a number of conversations I have had with him besides.
For a relative newcomer to the island, the commitment to and passion David demonstrates for championing the promotion of the visual arts in Guernsey is impressive to hear and see. His enthusiasm for sharing his own love of the arts and communicating this to the wider community, in particular through the work that he has done in local schools, is most striking.

The way in which he articulates the benefits of an appreciation of the arts, as being life-affirming and horizon-broadening, is extremely thought provoking.
At a time when Guernsey, perhaps more than ever in recent decades, is in need of attracting interest in and visitors to the island, the idea of creating an Iconic Art Venue as a destination for people, potentially from all over the world, to come and visit, should be a particularly appealing one.

David’s knowledge and understanding of all things art related, the extensive connections that he has in the art world, not to mention his obvious desire to promote and support his island home, of which he is clearly so fond, makes him an ideal candidate to lead the establishment of such a venue.


More than that, his evident attention to detail, his meticulous research and the clarity of vision that I know he will have for what such a Venue can offer Guernsey, is something that the island should rush to harness. Such qualities, tempered by the realism that David’s highly successful investment background gives him, makes his credentials to lead the Iconic Art Venue project all the more compelling. I sincerely hope that David will be offered the opportunity to do so.”


Managing Director, Lovell Ozanne and Board Member of CLIP (Creative Learning In Prison)

“The States office was constructed in 1911. It is one of the few fine examples of revival architecture in Guernsey. The building has a unique character with a grand pedimented entrance. The building has presence on an island site.
It was designed and built to serve as the seat for our government and it is entirely appropriate for the building to be used to exhibit the rich culture of the island as an art centre.

We as islanders will share with visitors the enjoyment that art brings to all. Art and culture is a fitting symbol for Guernsey to adopt and I can think of no better location than the former States Office to be able to display our commitment to promoting the arts.”


Owner, The Hook

“As a business operator in the area, The Hook is fully behind this fantastic proposal and forward-thinking concept for St Peter Port.”


Photographer and Artist

“It’s a well-known and demonstrable fact that the arts and culture deliver a significant contribution to the UK’s tourism and economy, yet we have so far failed to recognise or embrace its full potential here in Guernsey.

The recent PwC strategic review of Guernsey’s tourism offering must crystallise the urgency with which the arts and culture now need to be addressed. It goes without saying that David Ummels’ proposal is timely, relevant and much needed. Not only to reinvigorate our tourism economy, but to support and grow an already significant local creative community, which in turn will deliver its own economic benefits.”


Partner, Carey Olsen (Guernsey)

“David has transformed the art scene in Guernsey with his Art for Guernsey initiative. We are privileged to have had some of the best young artists in the world creating spectacular works that reflect the unique beauty of our island. This in return has sparked an unprecedented creative period for our local artists and a greater appreciation amongst the population for what home-grown talent there is.

Not content with galvanising the local art scene, David has also been instrumental in creating enormous educational and therapeutic benefits for local school children and patients at the hospital who have benefited from his initiative. I wholeheartedly support David’s vision for an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey which I believe will bring tremendous cultural and economic benefits to us all.”


Private Banking, Investec

“I fully support the proposal to convert the current Information Centre into an Iconic Art Venue. This would be the first major step towards the island becoming known as a hub for art and culture, a key initiative in ensuring Guernsey’s sustainable future.”


Associate, Mourant Ozannes

“Amongst its many assets, Guernsey has people who love art and are willing to share it. What better way to share it both locally and as a global attraction than to create an Iconic Art Venue to house it? This would be a wonderful asset for Guernsey.”


Executive Head Teacher

“I am delighted to offer my support to David and his team in their bid to transform the Guernsey Information Centre into an interactive Art Venue; from an educational and community perspective this offers exciting opportunities.

A physical and virtual space for school and community use alongside access to the expertise and technical support for the delivery of elements of the curriculum would be nothing other than an asset and I look forward to our schools working alongside David’s team to develop this project.”


Chief Executive Officer, Tag Team Group Limited

“I wholeheartedly support the development of an Art Venue in Guernsey. Art is an essential part of our modern society as it instills value, offers a parallel commentary on our island life and inspires creativity, which in turn inspires the whole island community. Our island itself is an incredibly inspiring natural environment. With that said, you need a catalyst to develop creativity and, luckily for Guernsey, that catalyst is David Ummels and the Art for Guernsey movement. David has tirelessly, and with great passion, inspired a broad range of the island – from schools to the art communities, to the corporate world – and I can definitely see a future for the island which involves nurturing world-class arts and creativity which in turn requires a world-class Art Venue.”


Values Based Strategy, Development & PR for Styx Centre

“Visual arts are an important element in my work around health, wellbeing and community (an area known as social prescribing). I am also the parent of a daughter who will shortly be studying art at GCSE, and who last year won the Grammar School art prize.
Art for Guernsey has provided unique opportunities for my daughter and fellow pupils to study and be inspired by an original Andy Warhol artwork within her school environment. My daughter produced her own original piece in response to Warhol’s art, which went on to be exhibited alongside other student work and masterpieces in a special Art for Guernsey show. Without doubt this was an incredible experience for her in many ways, increasing her confidence and broadening her mind to new ideas she would not normally have access to. This amazing opportunity would not have been possible without Art for Guernsey.

As a parent I am very keen for my children to have access to the art and culture of their beautiful and culturally rich island home, but also of the wider world. An Iconic Art Venue with a programme of exhibitions showcasing work by international artists (including those local to Guernsey) would, in my mind, be invaluable to the island’s young people; recognising that we can all benefit from experiencing professional art no matter our background or where we live.

It is widely acknowledged that in a fast-changing world where technology is set to disrupt the workplace, the ability to think and work creatively is now essential. A 2017 study published in the Harvard Business Review established that ‘great minds do not think alike’.

If Guernsey is to develop a generation of ‘artist innovators’ who can reimagine the business landscape and enable growth in the island, we must place importance on art and creativity. We also need to inspire our future scientists, medics and engineers. An obvious way to do this, and inspire our young people, is through the existence of an Iconic Art Venue. Cornwall has the Tate, why shouldn’t Guernsey have it’s own version accessible to all?

My work with the local charity Arts for Impact (which is supported by Art for Guernsey) has provided local people, who are not artists, the opportunity to benefit from taking part in evidence-based creative art sessions with the purpose of benefiting their health and wellbeing.

It is well established that taking part in art activities, where a person expresses themselves through their own original work, can improve symptoms for people suffering with long-term conditions such as chronic pain and mild to moderate stress, anxiety and depression. In offering a non-medical way to manage health through art, alongside other evidence-based activities, we can support the community person by person to build a happier, healthier and more supportive society. An Iconic Art Venue would provide an incredible unique, therapeutic and, importantly, non-medical environment for Guernsey people living with health issues or experiencing social isolation.
In short, there is ample evidence around the world to prove that buildings dedicated to art have a farreaching positive impact on their surrounding community, in many more ways than the personally experienced examples cited here.
Guernsey already has plenty of hotels, it certainly does not need a casino to increase the incidence of the public health issue of gambling. I fully support the development of the proposed site for the purposes of art.”


Mike Chatfield, Design & Creative

“I definitely endorse establishing an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey.”


Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur

“I am writing in support of David Ummels’ proposal for an Iconic Art Venue at what is presently the Tourist Information Centre.

Guernsey is incredibly fortunate to have the most amazing talented artists that can punch well above their weight on the world stage and there is so much more that can be achieved; not only will we be helping a lot of Guernsey talent but one just needs to think of St Ives and you realise that the tourism benefits from something of this scale would be incredible and let’s be honest we really need it!

To have someone of David’s calibre with his credentials, enthusiasm and vision is a true gift that we must not let pass. This could seriously put Guernsey on the world map in a very positive light, please don’t let this fade away. “You have to make it happen” – Denis Diderot.”


Owner, Cooked

“As a local man who loves Guernsey I’m keen to support any initiative that I think will improve the island. To my mind this project will be an additional attraction for visitors as well as being a reason to come to Guernsey especially. For the people who live here there will be an amazing purpose-built space to bring world-renowned art and artists to our doorstep as well as an interactive learning space for the island’s younger generations.
On a professional level, catering at exhibitions with Manet, Monet and Picasso being displayed is exceptionally exciting creatively. I suspect this project will help my business and many others thrive and be part of something incredible.


The Information Centre has served Guernsey well, but it’s time it was used to better effect. This project gets my vote of confidence on both a personal and professional level.”


Architect, Chamber Council Member

“I have been following with interest over the last few months details regarding the seafront
Enhancement Consultation and various proposals that are coming out of that
Whilst I have mixed feeling on some of the suggestions, I have very positive feelings
regarding the use of the information Centre and the proposals to turn this into an Iconic Art Venue, with even more interest noting that it will be managed on a non-profit basis in order to create an area of cultural and economic importance for the island
The location is perfect with the position available to all.

Immediately adjacent to the building is the southerly forecourt area and the northerly
plantation area and I can see these areas being used simultaneously for outside art as well
as other art that is contained within the building.

There is much art in storage in the island and this would give opportunity for it to be put on loan in the proposed Iconic Art Venue where it becomes available for all to view.
There are other Iconic Art Centres around the world in many cities and they generate much interest, both for locals, visiting businessmen and also tourism.

I am fully supportive of your proposals and look forward to this coming to fruition”


Owner, Bella Luce Ltd and Wheadon’s Gin

“I wholeheartedly support the Iconic Art Venue Project and its location in the heart of St Peter Port’s seafront. I believe this to be an incredible opportunity for Guernsey to produce something that is world class and which has multiple economic, cultural and country brand benefits associated with it.

I have known David and the team driving this project forward for some time and know that their experience, motivations and expertise make this project’s fantastic aspirations achievable.”


Chairman, Guernsey Arts Commission

“I am writing in support of Mr David Ummels’ proposal to create an Iconic Art Venue on the seafront of St Peter Port. I have worked in Guernsey for the last 48 years and throughout that time have been involved in various arts activities, most recently as Principal of the College of FE and, since my retirement, with the Arts Council and the Arts Commission. Through my work with the Guernsey Adult Literacy Project I was responsible for the Donkey and Cow Parades, two huge community art projects, and the installation of the donkey statue in Market Square.


Throughout my time in Guernsey I have been aware of several attempts to create an arts centre in the island, most notably the work of the late Joan Ozanne who campaigned for many years to create such a centre. Although thousands of people supported these proposals, difficulty in raising funds meant none of them came to fruition. Mr Ummels’ proposal is exciting on many fronts. The scope of the vision for the Art Venue is bigger than anything we have seen in the past and will be an exciting addition to the Guernsey scene for both locals and visitors. Most importantly, it is a viable proposal with a wellstructured financing plan.


Mr Ummels has been resident in the island for the past four years. During that time he has made a huge contribution to the arts in Guernsey. He is an experienced and knowledgeable art collector, passionate about art and willing to share his passion. Not long after his arrival in the island he established Art for Guernsey which has to date arranged three successful residencies with internationally renowned artists. As well as creating professionally curated exhibitions, these residencies give hundreds of local schoolchildren the opportunity to meet the artists and to work with them.


Mr Ummels has also created Art for School, an exciting initiative whereby he loans his own artworks to local schools, allowing the children to see and study museum-quality art in their own classrooms. The impact of this initiative was evident in the exhibition of the schoolchildren’s work based on the artworks. All of the exhibits were good; some were excellent, the children having been inspired by the works they had seen. You only have to talk to Mr Ummels for a short time to realise that he is passionate about art. However, he doesn’t just talk – he gets things done, as is evident by the success of Art for Guernsey and Art for School. He has great business acumen and a deep understanding of finance and I have every confidence that he will be able to bring this project to a successful conclusion.
During my time in Guernsey I have been involved in the tourism industry, for 17 years running my own businesses. The recent PWC report has indicated that the tourism industry is not in the best of health and requires investment. The report indicates that art is a possible asset for tourism. Globally, arts tourism is a high-growth sector, so this project would be a huge asset to our tourism sector.


Another exciting element of the proposal is the concept of inviting art students from around the world to attend summer schools in Guernsey under the tutelage of an internationally renowned artist. Those students would experience the beauty and the hospitality of the island and then return to their own countries with a strong message about the island, enhancing our reputation on a world stage. This could be another huge boost to tourism.


I believe that Mr Ummels’ proposal could be a huge asset for Guernsey, impacting on many sectors of the island, and I would urge you to accept it and support Mr Ummels in this exciting vision for art in Guernsey.”


MD, SPF Private Clients

“I met David when he moved to Guernsey and his passion for our island is to be applauded.
I strongly believe Guernsey’s tourism strategy should have a strong bias towards sport and art. The venture David is proposing would certainly enhance the offering which, economically and culturally, Guernsey could very much benefit from.”


Principal, Blanchelande College

“David Ummels’ Art for Guernsey initiatives have demonstrated superb outreach to Guernsey schools – inspiring pupils and teachers alike. A permanent art hub would multiply these benefits across education and more widely.


Arts Foundation, Guernsey

“David’s business expertise, knowledge of and connections with both local and international art scenes, and passion for the island make him the ideal choice to lead a project of this scope and magnitude. I am in no doubt that an Iconic Art Venue, as detailed in David’s proposal, will serve as a catalyst to increase cultural tourism and have a positive impact on the economy whilst benefiting the local community.

I believe David Ummels’ proposed Iconic Art Venue is the most effective use of the Visitor Centre and represents a forward-looking solution to revitalise the existing property, boost the island’s economic growth by attracting cultural tourism, enhance Guernsey’s art scene, foster the education system, and intrinsically benefit the community at large.
David Ummels’ initiatives through Art for Guernsey are a testament to his high standards of excellence and exemplify his commitment to art and education locally and internationally. I have the utmost confidence in David’s ability to see this project through to a successful conclusion.

David Ummels’ proven success in business, connection with the art world both locally and internationally,
and track record for developing innovative commercial and educational projects make him uniquely placed to spearhead a multifaceted, bespoke and complex project such as the development of an Iconic Art Venue.

Guernsey currently lacks a centre for artistic excellence, diversity and education in a community and visitor-friendly environment. David Ummels’ proposed Iconic Art Venue will fill this void, raise the island’s international profile, and reap economic benefits associated with increased cultural tourism.”



“The arts in Guernsey are very important as they help people to be open minded and use their creativity. Art connects us, not only on a nonjudgmental level but also on a humanistic one. It creates space for people to share ideas, thoughts and talents. The Information Centre building would provide the work of the artist with a breathing space. Most of the galleries in Guernsey are very small and don’t provide a space to actualise the work in its full potential.”


Retired Businessman

“Guernsey’s current tourist offering is stale and in need of revitalisation. We have few genuine USPs. Developing ‘must see’ attractions is key if we are to have a sustainable tourism market. An Iconic Art Venue is exactly the type of quality offering that will fit with our somewhat necessarily upmarket aspirations. We have a rich heritage and cultural background that is open to further development. I have no hesitation in fully supporting this proposal and will assist wherever possible to help it to fruition and ongoing success.”


Founder/CEO, Livingroom

“What an appropriate and carefully considered proposition.
I am a Guernsey boy who went to art school and can at first hand truly understand your plan. You have my full support!”


Executive Consultant, Orchard PR

“I would be delighted for my name to be included on your list of supporters for this inspirational project.”


Captain of ‘Out the Blue’ and Local Fishing Legend

“Put simply, an iconic Art Venue will bring more people to Guernsey, which will be good for tourism and
business generally. As a fisherman taking visitors on trips – including visiting artist Dimitri Permiakov – I see on a daily basis the uniqueness of our seascape and our special light. I’m no artist myself but I understand beauty when I see it, and our island and its waters offer an amazing opportunity for producing fantastic artworks.”


Executive Officer of the Town Centre Partnership

“We are in full support of the initiative as utilising such an iconic building in St Peter Port has not only cost ramifications but a potential attraction in the town to encourage footfall. The promotion of the arts is a vital part of our culture and with so much talent on the island we need to give it the prominence it deserves.’’


Senior Investment Advisor

“The Iconic Art Venue has great potential to benefit islanders at many levels – by inspiring our community, enriching our culture, and improving the diversity of our economy, to name but a few. Given the positive impact made by Art for Guernsey in its first few years, particularly via the Artist In Residency and Art in School programmes, I for one have absolute confidence that David Ummels will deliver a world-class offering that will be a strong draw for islanders and visitors alike.”


CEO, Health Connections

“Our mission at Health Connections is to ensure that ALL people in the Bailiwick are connected to support and information that enables them to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. I am sure that we could partner with your project in many creative and innovative ways to achieve this.”


Director, Black Vanilla Limited

“Guernsey has an incredible opportunity to create something world class that can not only boost our tourist economy and enrich local life but also create a positive focal point for ‘Brand Guernsey’. The island needs to consider carefully how it is perceived in Europe and beyond. Reputations are built, not on what you say, but on what you do and how others perceive you. Creating a talking point around the Iconic Art Venue provides an opportunity for Guernsey to make an appearance on the international art scene, to be known for more than offshore finance and to drive positive conversations about the island.

This won’t happen with another hotel, or indeed a casino. The Iconic Art Venue can proudly represent all that is good and great about our island. Art is truly international, it transcends language and crosses cultural boundaries, and can help us tell the story of Guernsey, and share our culture and values of community and collaboration far and wide.
I firmly endorse the Iconic Art Venue, it will help us build on our existing tourist offering, giving people more reasons to visit Guernsey and represent the island overseas in a positive light.”


Founder and Director, Ripple Marketing & Events

“I’m fully supportive of the proposal by Art for Guernsey to create a world class arts venue in Guernsey, which I believe would be a huge asset to Guernsey, both socially, educationally and economically. Along with other arts initiatives such as the Guernsey Literary Festival and Guernsey Photography Festival, it would also be a fantastic vehicle from promoting Guernsey to the wider world as a centre for culture and creativity.”


Director, Personnel Appointments

“I would very much like to offer my full support towards the proposed Art Venue as this is exactly what I think is required for Guernsey to benefit and bring further cultural interest to our beautiful island. Not only is this a great concept but also makes sense from a socioeconomic point of view as well as it brings new ways for Guernsey to generate income from a non-fiduciary/fund/banking angle which is something which I have personally supported to make our island more balanced. Therefore I fully endorse this submission and am happy to discuss further if required.”


Creative Director at Specsavers

“David Ummels and Art for Guernsey have made a huge impact on the arts in Guernsey in a very short time. The way David has brought business acumen and strategic insight to the arts has been long overdue, and he has succeeded in bringing people together in new and innovative ways to support projects which are of great value. The fact that the island lacks an Iconic Arts Venue is greatly to the detriment of the cultural and tourist appeal of the island. It means that our unique story remains hidden from residents and visitors alike and it represents a lack of opportunity for commercial and personal development which can not be underestimated.”


Rector, St. Pierre du Bois

“I fully support the proposal of developing an Iconic Art Venue in the heart of St Peter Port. It will provide an amazing opportunity to curate and display world-class exhibitions. This will undoubtedly celebrate and affirm Guernsey’s rich heritage of the creative arts.”


Spark, Event & Media Production, Co-Founder, Dandelion Foundation

“Guernsey has the opportunity to match its outstanding natural assets with an arts destination of international standing that will realise so much measurable value on so many levels, it’s hard to quantify in a single quote how important this opportunity is. What is certain is David has the credentials, support and passion to bring this to life at the very highest of standards.”



“I would like to share my thoughts on the expressions of interest to be taken into account as part of the decision-making process, regarding the Seafront Enhancement project.

I would like to support the following:
Creating an Iconic Art Venue for the island as well as the international community. This facility would be a great focal point. It would encourage visitors to make St Peter Port their destination; to spend their money in the surrounding areas and to enjoy the variety of restaurants, pubs and cafes town has to offer. More importantly, it would give local artists and students the opportunity to experience world-class art and ideas. It would enhance their personal experience, giving them the chance to see work they might not otherwise have been exposed to, to further their practice and deepen their art education.

David Ummels of Art for Guernsey has initiated many ground-breaking projects and high-level activities since his arrival on the island. His dedication to cultural diplomacy, his Art in School project, and supporting the performing arts in conjunction with the College of Further Education, are all indicators of his passion for the arts and vision for the island.
I am backing the Iconic Art Venue proposal, because it will enhance the lives of our local community as well as provide a valuable destination of interest for the tourist industry.

I am excited by the possibility of elevating the quality of life in our community through the arts. We are all aware of the positive impact the arts have on our wellbeing and mental health – especially on an island such as ours. In my opinion, we have enough pubs, clubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants in St Peter Port. It is initiatives such as this that our community is desperately lacking. The Iconic Art Venue proposal should be given serious consideration not only for the general wellbeing of our island community but also for a vibrant destination for the tourist industry.”


Managing Director, C5 Alliance

“An Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey will add real depth to our international cultural credentials.”


Managing Director, John Ross Photography

“I have witnessed how the Art for Guernsey exhibitions have created additional opportunities for creative professionals like myself.”


Chairman of Guernsey Community Foundation, Founder of Active Group and UK Chief Commissioner for the Scout Association

“I’m very happy to support plans for an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey. Having worked with David Ummels on his community art projects and more recently in developing and implementing an arts strategy for the island, I’ve been impressed by his passionate commitment, vision and determination to make a positive difference in our community.”


Former Chairman of Guernsey Arts Commission

“I have been most impressed by Art for Guernsey since it was launched three years ago by David Ummels. It has brought an extra dimension of professionalism to the arts scene in Guernsey and given a belief that Guernsey can be an arts player on the international stage. Equally important has been its commitment to engaging and enthusing the island community, especially young people, using the natural beauty of the island for artistic inspiration, and for creating a new business model for the arts. Given David Ummels’ passion for the arts, which he is able to combine with his financial expertise, I have no hesitation in supporting his initiative for an arts venue in Guernsey.”


Guernsey Literary Festival

“You very much have my support for this project.”


GP, Director of Les Bourgs Hospice

“For Guernsey to be recognised as a ‘must-see/go-to destination’ for the arts it will require inspiration, vision and courage, and ultimately an iconic building displaying some of the world’s greatest art collections.

The potential to grow this market is huge and Guernsey can learn from the successes of the Guggenheim in Bilbao, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and more recently the V&A in Dundee to reinvigorate our flagging tourist market and grow a powerful independent arts sector.

Art for Guernsey, led by the successful, well-informed and passionate art lover and collector David Ummels has been such a wonderful addition to our public life; bringing quality exposure of the arts into our schools and to the health sector.

Art touches all levels and all ages. David is someone I believe can drive this vision forward and bring interested parties together and take the next step in the conversion of the Tourist Information Centre into a successful arts venue. His track record in the arts will inspire many to get behind him and support him in making this, his vision, a reality.”


Artist, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

“I support the GIAV because it is the best opportunity to improve Guernsey’s economy, its international brand and life of local residents. Of all the options only the GIAV is likely to increase visitors to the island by providing a unique experience. It is also the only option that is likely to have any meaningfully positive impact on how the rest of the world sees Guernsey.”


Director, Guernsey Community Foundation, Business Angel

“David’s work with Art for Guernsey has been an inspirational catalyst for artists and art lovers on the island. As an art lover – this is a joy. His, and his team’s, commitment to high quality delivery with impact has been repeatedly demonstrated. An Iconic Art Venue would open up a substantially expanded offering to an even wider audience, and provide a high quality art destination for both islanders and visitors. As discussed at the last IoD conference, Guernsey’s image needs change, with substance behind that change. An Iconic Art Venue may significantly contribute to a shift in external perceptions of the island.”


Director, Martel Maides & Savills

“I am pleased to offer my support to the application seeking to transform the building currently housing the Tourism Office into a leading Art Venue. Leaving aside its cultural benefits to the resident community, there would be obvious and significant gains in establishing a widely renowned arts attraction for visitors at a time when Guernsey is struggling to compete with other tourist destinations.

The island has to work on what it has to offer and art has a unique part to play in combining two of our greatest assets; those of the natural beauty of our surroundings and the rich history of our past. Cultural tourism is a rapidly growing aspect of the general tourism economy and it’s an easily identifiable area where Guernsey is only limited by a lack of ambition. The establishment of an Iconic Art Venue in one of our landmark buildings on the seafront would go a long way towards setting the right tone for future developments in this field.

David Ummels, through his Art for Guernsey project and other initiatives, has already demonstrated both his financial and personal commitment to the development of art on the island. I have no doubt that he has the passion and expertise to see his vision through to a successful conclusion.”


Head of Heritage Services and Guernsey Museums

“I am wholly supportive of raising the cultural bar in Guernsey, and building a reputation for the island as an arts destination. There is a need for a stand-out modern tourist attraction in St Peter Port and a focus for Guernsey’s creative community.”



“You have my support.”



“We in Guernsey need the arts and we need an Arts centre to showcase them. I am convinced Art for Guernsey are the people to give it to us. As a local artist I was extremely fortunate to work with David Ummels and Art for Guernsey on my latest exhibition. The support they gave me was invaluable, allowing me to present my work in a professional, coherent manner whilst offering valuable support and advice and allowing me the scope to deepen my project by embedding it in the community. Alongside my own professional experience I have seen all the opportunities afforded to my children through Art for Guernsey’s educational work.


What could be more important for our community than the scope to learn from the arts and the scope to showcase to others our beautiful and extraordinary island through them?”


Founder and CEO of Maxicorp Ltd

“I am impressed and encouraged by the Art Venue presentation. I feel this would be a worthwhile, interesting and creative way to put Guernsey on the map not just for tourists, but for locals also. The Moco museum in Amsterdam operates in a similar way, from a smaller building, and is very popular, exhibiting many of the world’s most iconic and interesting artists. With David Ummels and his team behind the project I have confidence the project could be delivered successfully.”


Art Teacher, Blanchelande College

“You have my support.”


Programme Leader for Creative, Digital and Performing Arts

“Having followed the progress of this initiative with interest, I firmly believe in the financial benefits it would bring to the island. However, the profound and uplifting effect it would have on the value of the arts to our community is, for me, far, far more important. By recognising excellence, celebrating it and sharing it, an Iconic Art Venue such as this would place the arts where they belong, in the heart of our community as our way of telling the world who we are.”


Blue Economy

“The Iconic Art Venue is a fantastic idea and really is what we need.”


The Sarah Groves Foundation 

“The establishment of an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey would be a wonderful asset for our island, and is a perfect fit with the aims of the Sarah Groves Foundation. Sarah’s ambition was to enhance the lives of young people and art was one of her greatest passions, so we at the Foundation fully endorse an initiative that will enhance the learning journeys of our young people and bring art to the community in a meaningful way. Introducing world-class art to children from an early age is hugely inspirational, and the support such a Venue will give to local art is aspirational for budding artists.”


Chief Executive, TPA Guernsey

“Do not underestimate what benefits a Iconic Art Venue can bring to the island, not just from a cultural perspective but also how it can support key sectors that rely on tourism and at the same time promote Guernsey on the main stage for art to a wider audience.”


Spike Productions

“Through my career filming around the world, particularly in the art market and at the major art fairs, it is very clear to me that art is a way of bringing communities together and acts as a magnet for people from across society. It can stimulate education and provide new ways of exploring subjects, particularly for young people. It can also be a draw for people to visit a place and when something is done well you can expect plane-loads of people arriving to visit. This is based on my experience seeing thousands of people descend on towns and cities from around the world to visit art fairs and exhibitions. I firmly believe an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey would enrich the island on many levels.”


Founder & CEO,

“It is with pleasure that I support The Iconic Art Venue.”


Founder and Creative Director, Arts For Impact

“Over the past three years, we have seen a systemic change in the arts in Guernsey. Our community is increasingly accessing and benefiting from the arts, and practitioners inside and outside of the arts sector are collaborating to achieve valuable outcomes for our health and wellbeing. This is in no small part due to David Ummels’ work, his commitment to the local arts community and his generous use of his expertise and resources. Having seen the value such a change has brought to our community first hand in my capacity as Director of Arts for Impact, I have no hesitation in saying that an Iconic Arts Venue in our capital is a watershed initiative that will profoundly impact the future of our community.”


Managing Director, Sovereign Group

“Over the past two years, the Sovereign Group and Art for Guernsey have worked in partnership to encourage local youth to value and develop their artistic talent. The annual Art for Guernsey Scholarship Prize, which is fully funded by Art for Guernsey, gives two of the finalists in the Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize competition the fantastic opportunity to take part in an all-expenses-paid internationally renowned Art Summer School in London. In addition, Art for Guernsey has mentored and supported several of our finalists, which in one case has led to a student successfully curating an exhibition of her own work.

The Foundation is extremely impressed with the vision and commitment with which David Ummels has developed Art for Guernsey’s portfolio of projects which in a short timeframe have gained significant traction and enriched our local community. We believe David has demonstrated that he has the talent and connections to turn his ambitious vision of an Iconic Art Venue for Guernsey into a reality. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for the island which should be recognised and fully supported.

The Sovereign Art Foundation works internationally to improve lives of thousands of disadvantaged youths through art while supporting mid-career artists to further their personal success. It fully recognises the economic and social benefits which the Iconic Art Venue envisioned would bring to Guernsey. For the alumni of our local Students Prize Competition.


Owner, CMC

“Art has always been the universal language – a way to communicate ideas and feelings difficult to describe or express. There are many measures of civilisation but access to and care for the arts is arguably the most egalitarian – a representation of our common humanity. The vision of a world-class art facility in Guernsey shows boldness and confidence – at once a focal point for the community and a connectedness to the wider world.”


CSR Coordinator, Sovereign Trust

“We really hope you’re successful with this proposal”


Managing Director, School of Popular Music & Apocalypse Studios

“Having worked with David and Art for Guernsey on various projects professionally, I can safely say that that there are few with the vision and clarity that he displays when leading a campaign or event. I fully support his plan for an Iconic Art Venue here in Guernsey and am confident that he is the perfect man to lead the way and build the perfect venue to represent Guernsey to the wider world of the arts.”


Group Managing Director, Lancaster Guernsey

“Both Lancaster and I personally would be happy to be named as supporters of the Iconic Art Venue project.”



“The vital work being undertaken by Art for Guernsey cannot be understated. Be it support of the performing arts or the excellent residence programme for visual artists, every initiative helps to grow a creative economy.

Whilst I may have chosen a career in finance, my degree is in Arts Management so I fully understand and endorse the work being done by the Art for Guernsey team.
A great step forward in building a creative economy is by building a viewing platform, be it a performance space for performance art or a gallery for the visual arts. I have seen first hand how such venues contribute to economic vibrancy, be it Gallery Momo in Johannesburg or the Tate in St Ives.

Guernsey is in a position to stand out by creating an iconic platform for the world’s best artists to be shown, nestled in our own unique natural beauty, and it’s an opportunity that should be grabbed with both hands.”


Chairman, Art Strategy Working Group

“My experience with working alongside David Ummels is that he is totally professional, innovative, passionate about Guernsey and has an awareness of how the arts can be used as an economic enabler, for educational purposes and to enhance Guernsey’s brand. His vision to convert the Tourist Information Centre into an Iconic Art Venue is, I believe, an opportunity for government to be progressive and support a project which brings enjoyment to many and recognition both within the island and beyond.”


Artistic Director of Tin Whistle Productions and Associate Lecturer in Performing Arts at Guernsey College of FE

“I have been fortunate to work with David Ummels and Art for Guernsey for the past three years. This collaboration was fundamental for me to be able to develop Guernsey’s first professional theatre company that is now the resident company at the PRCPA. David has acted as a mentor for me and provided vital business advice for Tin Whistle.

He has encouraged me to be brave and focus on my vision whilst financially underwriting the company’s first public performance in December 2018. This support has meant that in 2018 I was able to perform to over 4,500 people, raise over £45,000 in funding and pay over £18,000 to local performers and creative makers. His commitment to the the wider creative community is unparalleled and his personal investment is a credit to his character, knowledge and passion. I have worked collaboratively with David and Art for Guernsey on various events and have found each one rewarding and enhancing. David does not have a singular view on the arts, he is dynamic and innovative with his approach and is always looking to bring creatives together to challenge and develop their practice.

I have also been lucky enough to engage with Art for Guernsey with our students at the Guernsey College of FE and his continued support for the young people in the Bailiwick defines his approach to art: he truly believes in the power of creativity for our young people and this aligns fully with the Joyous and Purposeful Curriculum. Internationally there is a move away from focusing on STEM subjects and now there is a call for it to be extended to STEAM (Arts being added). This is also echoed in 21st-century teaching pedagogy and can be highlighted in the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy that now places creating at the top of the learning process. David has been a champion of the arts for many years and he perfectly aligns his business prowess and creative passion to deliver outstanding creative opportunities for the Bailiwick.

The creation of an Iconic Arts Venue in the former Tourist Information Centre would finally give the arts a central hub in the heart of St Peter Port. The venue would act as a beacon locally for artists as well as shining a light on our community internationally. I have total confidence that David Ummels and his team would be perfectly placed to create and most importantly to sustain such a venture.

Art for Guernsey works to the highest standards and is not limited by any preconceptions of the arts or our community and this allows them to realise their ambitions with efficiency and ease. I also believe that the Iconic Art Venue will be the best way to preserve and celebrate the iconic Guernsey landmark that the TIC building is. By fusing the old building with contemporary building design the Iconic Art Venue will stand as a bridge between Guernsey’s heritage and the aspirational future we all have for the island. Tin Whistle Productions fully supports this proposal and we are excited to be able to start creating theatrical experiences in this new venue.”


Guernsey Picture Framers

“We fully support this project as we have with Art for Guernsey over a number years. We hope this will put art on the map for the Island across the world. It would be nice to benchmarked at being at the front for others to follow.”


Managing Director, James Freeman Gallery, London

“David Ummels is tireless in his energy and enthusiasm for Art for Guernsey. Dedication such as his ensures that the social benefits of the arts move beyond being a nice idea, and turn into something tangible and real. With his support, an Iconic Art Venue on the seafront of St Peter Port presents an opportunity to amplify these positive social effects exponentially, and I believe it could only be of great benefit to Guernsey’s community and economy.”


Head of the Creative Arts Faculty, Elizabeth College

“Since moving to Guernsey, David Ummels has made a hugely positive impact within the arts community. Art for Guernsey has raised the profile of the visual arts and through the artist in residence programme has created an artistic legacy that is enriching our culture. David understands the value of arts education and the projects he supports, such as Art in School, enrich and support art education across the island.

Through his involvement with the arts strategy group David has undertaken wide-ranging consultation, showing a willingness to listen to the views, and gaining the trust of, the arts community. I fully support the concept of an Iconic Arts Venue and see how it would be a catalyst for wider development of the arts in Guernsey, a focus for community arts activity and an important asset in enhancing our cultural offer to visitors.”


NED, Former President of Guernsey Chamber of Commerce

“David Ummels is setting a very high bar by his considerable enterprise in delivering an Iconic Art Venue to Guernsey. It is an imaginative and ambitious project which will drive immense cultural and economic benefits to Guernsey. It is a landmark development which will rightly be regarded as a jewel in the crown of the seafront development project.”


Architect and Owner of Falla Associates International Ltd, Chair of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce Infrastructure Committee

“The proposed Iconic Art Venue project planned to occupy the current Guernsey Information Centre Building and surrounding space at the North Esplanade and North Plantation in St Peter Port, presents a wonderful opportunity for Guernsey to establish a world-class visual arts facility in the heart of town.

David Ummels’ proposal envisages two floors of gallery space to show both world-class exhibitions and also local exhibitions. The second floor level will contain workshops, studio space and support space to augment exhibition areas.

Multiple benefits will flow from the establishment of this proposed Art Venue, not least for local education, Guernsey tourism, the creation of a high quality centre of focus for Guernsey’s creative community and as a new and commendable reason for Guernsey to be known around the world.

The proposed new Art Venue will complement the attraction of St James Concert Hall, Candie Museum and Art Gallery, Victor Hugo’s House, the Priaulx and Guille-Allès libraries and the Millennium Tapestry Exhibition and will significantly help to cement Guernsey’s cultural fabric and expand its critical mass. The creation of this Venue will greatly aid the regeneration and enhancement of the harbour waterfront, seen by very many, as a high priority to ensure the success of Guernsey economic future. I wholeheartedly support and commend this visionary project.”


Client Director, Cazenove Capital

“Your submission makes a huge amount of sense, is an inspired idea and has my complete support.
The impact that you have personally made in this island in your relatively short time with us here in Guernsey gives me great comfort that your energy and drive will make this work.”


Chief Executive Officer, Robus Group

“This is a fantastic initiative which I would very much welcome to support the continued development of Guernsey as an international destination of choice. Arts and culture are a key ingredient of the community and the economy and the addition of this Iconic Art Venue will be a valuable asset for our island.”


Life President of Blue Diamond Group, Art Collector

“Our island is exceptionally fortunate to be able to benefit from David’s ability and generosity in promoting the arts across the whole strata of Guernsey society. His achievements in such a short time demonstrate that he deserves our full support in his ambitions to establish Guernsey as a centre of excellence for the arts.”


Independent Director, Consultant and Investor

“I fully support this proposal.”


Director, Dorey Financial Modelling

“David’s bold and ambitious vision for Guernsey’s Information Centre will create a stand-out Iconic Art Venue, benefiting the island’s economy through increased tourism, the creation of local jobs and an inclusive programme of education, art and culture. This initiative will not only benefit islanders today, but for generations to come.


PWC’s strategic review on tourism identified art and sculpture as one of the key product offerings that could be improved on the island. David’s vision for an Iconic Art Venue is a true win-win: the potential to create a step-change in Guernsey’s art offering, with minimal risk and no financial outlay required from the States.”


Director, Credit Suisse

“David’s passion for Guernsey is evident. His entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism are highly contagious and have completely changed Guernsey’s cultural landscape in the last three years. The annual collaborations of Art for Guernsey with internationally respected artists have produced a fresh and exciting artistic legacy for the island.


Art for Guernsey has made a point to involve the Guernsey community and schools in its work and projects. I see the Iconic Art Venue as the next logical step in this journey, and under David’s leadership, I have no doubt it will benefit us all beyond expectations.”


Principal, Guernsey College of Further Education

“I am excited by the prospect of an Iconic Art Venue in our community. Creativity and curiosity are two essential skills for 21st-century students and, as a provider of education, Guernsey College is continually seeking new ways to add value to our students’ experience which supports future skills needs and building cultural capital.

This Venue would offer access for students to inspirational nationally and internationally recognised pieces of art, as well as possible experiences working with artists in residence,
exhibitions and other work the centre would offer. We have been very fortunate to work with Art for Guernsey on many projects which have all provided students with real-world experience of the broader positive impact of art and creativity in our community.”


Independent Director

“As you know you have my full support on this initiative and I am a strong believer that a Guernsey Iconic Art Venue could be a success for Guernsey. The Virtual Art Room and access to European museums and arts is also a considerable proposal. Art is life, art is noble and has no social background. I believe it is the best thing to bring a community together and to attract attention to Guernsey in a positive way with genuine foreign tourism.
An art museum and gallery as a iconic metropolitan object has proven to be a success in many places, such as Bilbao with the Guggenheim Museum, and Abu Dhabi with Louvre Abu Dhabi.”


Former Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts

“Having travelled all over the world and particularly for the reason of viewing art fairs such as Frieze which takes place in London and now this year Los Angeles and other cities. There is also art Dubai, art Basel, Miami and Venice Biennial. The prospect of maybe having Guernsey put on the world art stage could be a possibility with the right venue. Also a venue that is open all year round with exhibitions and doesn’t close down in the winter.

These fairs have an enormous following and carry with them such creativity and optimism.
The spin off from an art Venue on the seafront would help fill hotels and get people into the local shops and restaurants creating a year long season which would benefit all the community. I can see that even the financial services industry would come on board if there was a venue to start the ball rolling. Who knows maybe this little Island will achieve world class status in the arts!”


Director and Independent Strategist, Ignis Ltd

“David’s plan to provide Guernsey with an Iconic Arts Venue is both inspirational and exciting. In a very short time he and his team have developed the vision and plans necessary to deliver something which will be unique, not only in the Channel Islands but probably in Europe as well. This inspirational project will not only support the visitor economy but, equally as importantly, increase awareness of art in general and add to art education in Guernsey.”


Jurat and Arts Foundation

“As a local having been born here and having been a supporter of the arts for most of my life, I am completely supportive of David and his efforts to raise the level of art and culture in Guernsey. I believe that a professionally curated arts museum would be an invaluable asset to Guernsey not only from a cultural perspective for local people, but as an institution that would attract art lovers from the outside world to come to Guernsey to experience our museum. This can only benefit the island in the long run.”



“You have my support 100% for the Iconic Art Venue for Guernsey. Art is so beneficial to us all.

It enables us to question ways of thinking by providing a platform for discussion, it evokes human emotion and encourages us to think beyond one’s own existence.

The transformation of the Guernsey Information Centre into an Iconic Art Venue would be an incremental part in aiding the ongoing problem we are facing in Guernsey with mental health difficulties. This venue would help deliver contemporary culture to our beautiful island, offering inspiration and inclusivity for all. The Iconic Art Venue would help attract an eclectic range of visitors to the island – benefiting all businesses in Guernsey and therefore islanders themselves.

Something we must all remember is ‘The earth without art is just eh’ – anon.”


Director, Private Bank

“The work and achievements accomplished by David Ummels, a relative newcomer to Guernsey, are simply remarkable. Starting single-handedly and with the determination to share his passion for art with school children on the island, he has worked tirelessly to put the annual Art for Guernsey shows firmly in our cultural calendar, as a gift to islanders.

The attendance numbers have gone from strength to strength and it has been particularly rewarding to see how engaged the youngsters have already become over a relatively short period of time. Moving to an established Venue in Guernsey, to be run as a non-profit organisation, is the next step which will allow for the creation of a new focal point in our community. I believe that the Venue should rightly have pride of place, where it can be easily accessed by residents and visitors alike, to add well-needed diversity to existing attractions in our commercial centre.”


CEO, Bright Futures LBG

“I am delighted to be supporting David and his vision for Guernsey. The arts play a huge role in our community and this compelling opportunity for Guernsey will add significant value to everyone.”


Founder of the Sports Tourism Action Group and Head of Wealth Structuring at PraxisIFM

”I refer to your proposal for establishing an Iconic Art Venue for Guernsey at what is currently the Information Centre on the Esplanade.

I am extremely supportive of this initiative. In my capacity as Founder of the Sports Tourism Action Group, I am fully committed to Guernsey developing event tourism as a key leg of its tourism offering. Whilst my bias is towards sport, I am equally enthusiastic about the roles that art and also music can play in this overall event tourism offering.

A well-structured event tourism offering is exactly what Guernsey needs. The right sort of events and attractions are what will attract committed enthusiasts as repeat visitors. But they need specific “Events” to attract them. Whilst a dedicated arts venue is itself a constant, the art on display is of course what keeps changing, and that is what will cause art enthusiasts to keep returning to view new displays. I saw the value of this recently on a holiday in Hawaii. There are half a dozen top quality art galleries on one street alone on Maui (population just 160,000), and they attract art enthusiasts every year from all over the US and Canada, and indeed further afield. It was very clear to me to be able to see how Guernsey could benefit from developing a similar high quality arts offering.

The type of tourist who would be attracted to such an offering, as well of course as the large cruise ship passenger market, will typically be a quite affluent three-day/four-day visitor, who will stay at our better hotels and eat at our restaurants. For the right displays, they would be just as likely to come in January as they would in July, providing a vital year-round boost to our hotel and transport links providers. It is impossible to see any downside, whilst the upside is very substantial.


I would like to give my wholehearted support to this project as a vital new leg of the island’s tourism market, and I will be very keen to help in any way to try to make sure that it happens.”


Jeweller and Guernsey Art Network

“Our committee has universally agreed to support your plans for an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey.”


Resort General Manager, La Grande Mare

“Art and culture is increasingly recognised as a driver of tourism and not just a source of local creativity and social inclusion. The creation of an Iconic Art Venue will be a welcome addition and serves the purpose of adding to the tourism landscape of Guernsey.”


Chartered Architect

“The idea of an Iconic Art Venue to revitalise town and diversify the island’s economy is excellent. It could be the catalyst for Guernsey to become a world-renowned cultural centre, encouraging tourism and business in a similar way to the island of Naoshima in Japan. In addition it will benefit the local populace by encouraging participation in art and culture.”


Hiscox, Guernsey

“I have had the great pleasure of an association with David and Art for Guernsey since its inception. David’s enthusiasm and entrepreneurial flair for the appreciation and promotion for art and artists is truly admirable. Their work with local schools allowing the pupils to actually see ‘real life artworks’ and work alongside visiting artists has opened up the world of art to this young generation.


Their many other projects benefit numerous sectors of the community from patients at the hospital to academic scholarships.
It is obvious to me that the creation of a new Art Venue in Guernsey would only extend their reach to more of the local community and encourage additional interest in the island from further afield.”


Artist & Deputy Creative Director at Healthspan

“David’s enthusiasm for promoting the arts on Guernsey has injected momentum into the local arts scene and managed to connect with a broad spectrum of the community as a whole.
I believe an Iconic Art Venue in town would increase that wave of creativity locally but also reach out beyond the island, inspiring many people to visit the gallery and see the beauty of Guernsey for themselves.”


Monkey Puzzle Montessori

“To allow all children access to stimulating, compelling and diverse experiences at every possible opportunity is vital to building up their life experiences. Museums and galleries are a vital part of this development. Therefore access to exhibitions of all genres of art is an important part of child development. We consider this to a fantastic use of an iconic seafront building.”


Deputy Manager, Guernsey Cheshire Home

“Over the last three years our residents and day visitors have been creating artwork inspired by Guernsey with Arts for Impact. Art for Guernsey have supported these projects from the start and there have been so many positive outcomes for us all! Having an inspiring Art Venue to visit would hugely increase opportunities to develop our group’s creative interests and engagement with art, which we know supports health and wellbeing.”


Chairman, Polygon Group Limited

“I support this proposal for an Art Venue in Guernsey.”


Programme Director of the Guernsey Literary Festival and Shared Reading Facilitator

“Through art, we discover integrity, self knowledge, empathy and the means of engaging positively with our world. Nothing in our sphere of experience is as valuable or enriching.”



“I fully support David Ummels and his inspirational vision for an Iconic Art Venue. He is the ideal person to steer this visionary idea with his skills, knowledge and connections. When I arrived in Guernsey as an artist in 2011 I was truly disappointed to find there was minimal opportunity for local artist to display, promote or sell their works. A small group of us artists joined forces to create the Guernsey Art Network and with the support of Skipton Building Society launched the Skipton Art Festival.

We made great strides in bringing together and promoting the art community living and working on Guernsey. I stated at that time that Guernsey has all the vital ingredients to be the new St Ives. The Iconic Art Venue will bring something new and different to attract visitors, boost educational opportunities and create huge benefits for us artists on Guernsey.”


President of the Royal Society of Oil Painters

“This is a fantastic initiative and one that I would gladly put my name to.”


Founder of Slate Projects, (A curatorial project based in London and New York)

“I support this proposal for an Iconic Art Venue.”


Independent Non-Executive Director, IOD Member 

“This project will complement Guernsey’s literary heritage in establishing a centre of excellence for culture.”


Advisory Partner, KPMG Channel Islands Limited

“I would be delighted to have my name included as a supporter.”


Head of Arts Development, Guernsey Arts Commission 

“An Iconic Art Venue as proposed would undoubtedly give Guernsey the opportunity to capitalise on cultural tourism.”


Tax Director, BDO Limited 

“I think the conversion of the Information Centre into an Iconic Art Venue would be a fantastic centrepiece for St Peter Port, making for a great attraction for islanders and for tourists. Look how successful the Guernsey Literary Festival has become and imagine a separate Guernsey Arts Festival based around the new Venue, attracting world-class artists and visitors. I have admired how you have developed Art for Guernsey and how the numbers attending the events each year have grown and grown, and it is now something that is looked forward to in the calendar.”


Managing Director of Sarnia Hotels 

“We would support the transformation of the current Tourism Office into an Inspirational Art Venue as proposed by Mr Ummels and Art for Guernsey. This would provide a top-class attraction for all our visitors, staying, day and cruise-ship visitors in a prime location offering easy access. Guernsey is lacking in attractions particularly for ‘rainy days and shoulder months’ and this may also provide the possibility of boosting occupancy in the quieter months with masterclasses and artists in residence.

For the many restaurants and cafes in the vicinity this would be a welcome boost, and would keep visitors in the town which hopefully would boost retail. This project would also lift our island’s profile and encourage the many talented artists on island, and those studying abroad to consider returning home.”


Chairman, Floral Guernsey Foundation 

“An Iconic Art Venue fits with the demographic of our visitors and our ageing population resulting in a customer profile to one similar to that of the National Trust. Whilst there is no brand for the Bailiwick, our strengths are our natural beauty and flora resulting in walking and wellness activities, so your proposal is a good fit. I also feel our young people should be exposed to all forms of art and not only see it in London!”


Teacher, La Mare De Carteret Primary School 

“Having a cultural venue such as the Iconic Art Venue for Guernsey residents and tourists alike to enjoy sounds like a great idea. David Ummels is passionate about what he does and works hard to ensure that art is accessible and enjoyed by all.”


CTIO at Sure Group and Acting Group CTIO at Batelco Group 

“In the two years I have known David, he has always demonstrated a steady and consistent commitment to the island and its community. How David views art in general and how powerful it is to give kids a vehicle to encourage the learning of maths or history in particular is extremely progressive and a fantastic addition to Guernsey and islanders.”


Local Artist 

“A remarkable opportunity for the island to truly distinguish itself in visual arts on an international level.”


Raymond Evison Clematis, Judge of the Royal Horticulture Society Botanical Art Exhibitions 

“I would be delighted for you to add my name in supporting the Art Venue.”


Musician and Performer 

“In a world of homogenised culture people can feel lost and isolated, so the ability to see, engage and create quality and diverse art can help you focus on what makes you and your local surroundings unique and special, helping give a sense of identity and purpose. So the more places Guernsey has to help foster, inspire and generate creativity like this, the greater the asset for all the community.”


Day Visitor to Guernsey Cheshire Home 

“Discovering and making art has changed my life. A central Iconic Art Venue for everyone to use would be life changing for other people.”


Guernsey Cheshire Home Resident 

“The creation of an Iconic Art Venue is a fantastic opportunity for art lovers everywhere and our whole community.”


Art Teacher, Vale School 

“Vale Primary School loves the paintings David provides us with. It gives the children the opportunity to engage with artists and their work. Having Dimitri Permiakov in school motivated the children to think creatively and produce quality art of their own.
Teachers of both infants and juniors have successfully used the paintings to inspire many subject areas, including English, science, geography and history. In addition to this we have also enjoyed using Guernsey as our classroom, getting outside and enjoying our beautiful island which is supported by our new curriculum.

The work the children have produced has astounded many viewers and we have even had people wanting to buy our artwork! Art in School has provided us with so much more than painting; it has opened our eyes to what we as artists can achieve. We are very lucky to have this opportunity in Guernsey and thank David for empowering us with this gift!”


Director, Entrepreneur, Designer, and Digital Strategist 

“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside David on Arts for Impact. He brings a rare mix of energy and drive, deep enthusiasm for art and business experience. This project, in his hands, has a real chance of delivering something long lasting and special for Guernsey.”


Teacher, St Mary and St Michael Primary School 

“Through the Art in School programme our local schools have been given the opportunity to appreciate and celebrate art on a daily basis. It has raised the profile of local and international artists and given the children broader experiences of culture and movements through a medium that they can all understand. With this in mind, I think it would be beneficial for the local community to have an Art Venue which can be visited by the public. We know the impact that art can have on children’s knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Providing a place where art is valued and celebrated (on island) will facilitate even more discussions and inspire children to take their own creativity even further.


When Art in School was launched it coincided with the launch of the new Guernsey Curriculum. Our aim was to encompass all subject areas through one ‘hook’. The piece that we were given was by Malevich. It was accessible to all children and gave us the opportunity to launch a whole school topic, with all areas of learning stemming from this one piece. We never envisaged the inspiration and engagement that this piece would deliver. But through this project the children were able to access all areas of the curriculum and produce some amazing pieces of work. This would not have been possible without the opportunity that Art in School provided.”


HND Art & Design Year 1, GCFE 

“It would be amazing to see great designers and artists work in person right here on our island, it would really add to the culture. Being able to converse with working artists and learn from what they’re doing would be so valuable to the students on the island.”


HND Art & Design Year 1, GCFE 

“It would be great to see well-known or famous pieces of artwork on display, it is much different experiencing them in person rather than through pictures. To meet the different artists who have their work in the exhibitions, and learn from their different practices and techniques, would be a really good opportunity.”


HND Art & Design Year 1, GCFE 

“I think it would be a great opportunity to potentially put on our own exhibitions and display our work publicly, therefore getting our work and our names out there for potential employers to see.”


Teacher, Le Rondin School 

“David Ummels has opened new doors for the schools in the island with his innovative art-lending programme, ‘Art in School.’ I have observed how the paintings have allowed the children at Le Rondin School to view art and the world from new perspectives. It is a reminder of how powerful the impact of art can be.

The development of an Art Venue in Guernsey will enrich the lives of many of the population but I believe it will positively change the future for the Bailiwick’s children.

Amongst the many educational benefits, it will ultimately help to secure well-rounded learners, which is what the island strives towards. An inspirational central community space such as this will offer the freedom to express, enlighten, engage and enjoy the arts close up. All children deserve to be exposed to and have access to the immersive learning experiences that art galleries provide.”


Represented by Trevor Wakefield 

“The Guernsey Arts Commission met with Mr Ummels just after his arrival in Guernsey four years ago, and we have been impressed with the huge contribution he has made to the local arts scene in a very short time.

Art for Guernsey, Art for School and Arts for Impact have all been created in this time and they have all made a huge contribution to island life. We are aware that Mr Ummels has also supported local artists in several projects, most recently supporting Frances Lemmon in her visit to Costa Rica where she has been working on a project based on the work of local man William Le Lacheur.

The Commission fully supports, and is excited by, Mr Ummels’ plans for the creation of the Iconic Arts Venue. Such a venue will be a huge asset to Guernsey, providing a great facility for local artists as well as the general public. We also believe that it will be a huge asset for the tourism sector.

The Commission is aware that a large proportion of the island population, many thousands, has a deep interest in the arts and they would welcome the creation of such a venue.

In the short time Mr Ummels has been in Guernsey he has demonstrated both his passion for art and his ability to make things happen. The Commission has every confidence that he can make his vision a reality and we strongly support his proposal for the creation of the Iconic Art Venue.”


Southbank Sinfonia 

“In the context of raising the profile, and the quality, of the cultural sector in Guernsey generally, I am happy to lend my support to your ambitious plans for an Art Venue in the current Information Centre. As you know, my primary interest is in bringing top quality professional musicians to the island but any initiative that helps to make Guernsey an attractive place to visit is to be applauded.
Your work on the Art for Guernsey project has demonstrated to me that when you put your mind – and effort – behind a cause you are passionate about, it will succeed.”


Chief Executive Officer, Hiscox

“At Hiscox we are proud supporters and sponsors of the arts in many countries. Art contributes to community wellbeing by exposing individuals to new ideas and thought. An iconic centre of excellence in St Peter Port would undoubtedly be of benefit to locals and visitors alike and something we’d be happy to endorse.”



“The island’s creative sector desperately needs a central venue to host talks, workshops and exhibitions and to provide a space for educational visits in order to gain insight into unique pieces of artwork and understanding of the creative process which informs all levels of society and learning.”


Managing Director, Intertrust Group 

“Art for Guernsey is a fantastic initiative for our island community. From both a business perspective and a personal one I am proud to have been able to support its work since inception. I am excited by its strategic plans for the future of access to art in the island and especially by its continued engagement with schools, enabling pupils of all ages to have the opportunity to enjoy world-class artwork and artists locally.”


Senior Counsel, Walkers (Guernsey) LLP

“Occasionally Guernsey is fortunate enough to be home to some genuine visionaries, such as Victor Hugo and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. David Ummels’ vision to create a world-leading Art Venue in Guernsey, which could be the envy of the world, places him in a similar category. Having met David and seen his work at the Chamber of Commerce, I have no doubt about David’s ability to achieve his vision, which I believe our entire island will want to support.”


Headteacher, La Houguette Primary School

“La Houguette Primary School has been extremely grateful and appreciative of the learning opportunities that David’s ‘Art in School’ initiative has facilitated. It has been a genuine pleasure to witness the children’s awe and wonder in response to the artworks we have had in school. As you can see from the endorsement below, the children have been able to explore and develop countless skills because of this opportunity. By opening an Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey the possibilities will be endless and we would support this wholeheartedly. What an exciting opportunity for Guernsey and particularly for our children.”


Literacy Coordinator/SLT, La Houguette Primary School

“We have had many opportunities in school to develop, not just artistic and creative techniques, but the exploration of art appreciation. Over recent years, this opportunity has been sidelined with the demands of the curriculum. The loan of your exhibits is allowing children to explore, discuss, compare and appreciate art in a very real and stimulating context. It is also enabling us to look at, for example, the Andy Warhol with every year group. Because this is being done throughout the school, it enables children to be provided with opportunities to learn about how a different year group has approached the artwork.

A Year Two class was enthralled and delighted to explore how Year Four had interpreted a similar task, recognising some of the skills we had covered – but enabling them to see what had been achieved in a slightly more sophisticated manner. This sharing and pooling of ideas reinforces the learning for the children, and they are learning – not just from the teacher and the images, but from one another.


Displaying our work around the school is causing lots of comparisons and conversations from parents and very interested children. Your exhibits are offering us the opportunity to teach the language of art, throughout the age range.


We have chosen specific exhibits from your collection to address key skills. The Suzanne Moxhay was a fabulous language development starter, enabling children to develop creative and more sophisticated language skills. They produced extended writing from discussing the content of the image. This facilitated word lists and word banks from different year groups – which resulted in a range of story writing throughout the school. We displayed some of this work in the main entrance and, again, it provided opportunities for children to read and compare other year groups’ writing with their own work. It was also recognised by several staff how this artwork could have linked perfectly with the project The Lost Words. The loans are enabling us to make connections with other topics and themes, and as such are proving to be cross curricular, hitting the skills within the Big Picture. We have had some fascinating discussions about the monetary value of this original artwork.

We have also explored how we can all appreciate and learn to understand art, and how fortunate we are to be in a position to have this work loaned to us. We made the link with your support when we explored one of Andy Warhol’s beliefs that art should be popular, and is for everyone.


The loan of ‘Petit Bot Bay’ by Eugen Gorean is proving very stimulating. The children are developing watercolour painting skills, and his technique in this beautiful image is being recreated by the children. They are not copying the image but utilising the technique, creating their own watercolour snapshot of Guernsey. They have had opportunities to explore painting on wet paper, using less water, more water, subtly mixing the colours to create a multitude of shades. We did some research on this young artist, and his link with Guernsey. Again, this provided us with a real context and allowed us to consider your role as a benefactor, supporting artists and bringing the work to a wider audience.


We are looking forward to the exhibition in June, and we have a fantastic range of examples of work to share. We have set up a team of staff who are interested in developing some of the forthcoming initiatives and enabling our school to access these incredible opportunities, for example the football team strip, and the Renoir walk.


We are also encouraging parents to be involved, as we know we have some very enthusiastic and creative parents on board.  We will be generating ideas to support these projects, looking at which year groups they would be suitable for, ensuring a spread of activities throughout the school. We look forward to sharing with you our work in June and our ideas for next term.”


Managing Partner, White Star Capital

“An Iconic Art Venue in Guernsey would provide a significant economic catalyst for Guernsey’s creative industry and prompt further investment by others in the sector, as well as supporting Guernsey’s hospitality and tourism industries by substantially increasing the appeal of the island abroad.”


Teacher, Notre Dame du Rosaire Catholic Primary School

“Over the past 2 years Notre Dame has been delighted to grasp the opportunities presented by David with Art for Guernsey.


Many children take their parents and families to the exhibitions in the Inner street after going with school. These opportunities have inspired the children to learn about art within the context of our island and the wider society and to view the work of local and international artists. Many of the children have been inspired to ‘have a go’, contributing to the development of skills of  resilience, creativity.


We are currently working on pieces of art and poetry inspired by the work of Magritte, ready for the schools exhibition in June. Discussion with the children about the paintings has been an opportunity to link in to MHWB, with art/ poetry being so expressive and a way to enhance positive well-being whilst taking part in the activities. Just knowing that some examples of our work will be on public display in the Market has enthused and inspired the children, giving purpose and value to their efforts. We even held our own school exhibition towards the end of the summer term to share with parents, carers, parishioners and visitors what has been going on, something that was inspired by the exhibitions we have been able to see.


As a school we also visit the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Candie – another style of art for the children to experience and be inspired by.

We are truly grateful to David for his generosity and his fresh approach in presenting the many varied artists, artworks and exhibitions and we fully support this proposal for the island.”


Daughter of the late Joan Ozanne, BEM

My mother would be singing from the roof tops if she knew about plans for the Guernsey Iconic Art Venue. She campaigned tirelessly for over 40 years for an Art Centre and would heartily endorse the use of this States building to promote the arts with such a visionary proposal.

Brendan Stewart

MD Investec Bank Channel Islands

Art has transformed and elevated a number of cities around the world, adding a fantastic facility for locals and creating a major drawcard for tourists. It has the potential to do the same for Guernsey.
We are very supportive of the plans for an Iconic Art Venue for Guernsey and what it could do for the island.
Who knows, in time this could extend further into growing business for art storage and lending as well.